Our founder and President, Marlene Coleman nee Scott sets the tone and attitude for the company in general. To understand her drive, we merely have to look at the past. Marlene completed her first ultra distance 56 mile Comrades Marathon in 1996 then, ran the New York Marathon in 2001, Ironman Canada 2007, Boston Marathon 2010, and many shorter triathlons, multiple marathons and ironman events in between. She’s a swimmer, a keen cyclist and participates in the Vancouver to Whistler Gran Fondo each year, representing an Italian cycling club founded in Tuscany, Italy.

Marlene received her strata and rental real estate license in 2008 from the University of British Columbia and added an Advanced Strata Management License from Langara College. Her company has since expanded to include real estate rehabilitation and rentals.

Marlene Coleman nee Scott launched eleVate Real Estate Management initially to guide and assist properties through the recovery process post-financial mismanagement. Recognizing the need to breathe life back into neglected and mismanaged properties, the services now provided by eleVate Real Estate Management have expanded to include a full operations team encompassing front desk, housekeeping, maintenance and member communication services.

Her competitive nature and extensive education and business experience is the cornerstone to understanding the fundamentals of financial management for properties, budgets, goals and objectives and in providing value to clients.

Marlene established a sound business foundation at a young age, having founded a candy manufacturing company in South Africa distributing high end candy products to retail outlets throughout South Africa, Australia and North America. She sold the business and studied to receive her Executive MBA before arriving in Canada in 1998. Her eye for innovation, business acumen and a commitment to clean principled management has been the key to her leadership and success.

eleVate is a much sought after service in the resort and strata management industry. Their innovative vacation and property management service deals fairly and ethically with transparency no matter what the difficulty of the challenge or the nature of the opportunity set forth.